Working group 1

Standardization in the clinical setting This Working Group will address and reach a consensus on the following issues:
  1. Definition of major kidney diseases and establishment of universally accepted pertinent terminology (staging system, definition of high risk patients etc)
  2. Review of state of the art in proteomics research for the selected renal diseases and definition of the special research needs in each case.  The latter include: a) definition of the most important clinically research questions (early diagnosis versus prognosis versus drug efficacy endpoint etc) and b) assessment of the stage of current proteomics (biomarker)  research (discovery phase, versus phases of confirmation or validation of already discovered biomarkers)
  3. Definition of optimal controls for each disease type so as to increase reliability of current and future biomarker discovery, confirmation or validation studies
  4. Definition of the sample sizes needed to reach statistically sound results for each of the biomarker discovery, confirmation and validation studies.
  5. Development of protocols for patient enrolment as well as for monitoring and evaluating participating centers.
  6. Standardization of biological sample collection (in collaboration with WG2 and 3). This also includes an assessment of the ability of participating centers to follow uniform protocols for sample collection and databasing.
  7. Establishment of criteria for the quality assessment of existing body fluid and tissue banks for kidney disease.
  8. Develop a network for the distribution of kidney disease-related biological material.
Chair: Goce Spasovski co-Chair: Meguid El Nahas Group Member Users

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