Working group 2

Method optimization for kidney tissue proteomics analysis and imaging mass spectrometry The field of biomarker and therapeutic target discovery for kidney diseases can greatly benefit from the development of innovative approaches for the proteomics analysis of pure kidney cell populations. EuroKUP addresses this need by setting as a very important scientific goal to optimize and standardize methods for the proteomics analysis of pure kidney cell populations either by coupling to laser capture microdissection techniques or by imaging mass spectrometry. Specifically, objectives of the activity of WG 2 include:
  1. Method optimization and standardization for the preparation of pure populations of all renal compartments from a) frozen and b) paraffin tissue sections following the use of Laser Capture Microdissection and imaging/profiling mass spectrometry
  2. Method optimization for protein extraction, separation, quantification and detection of post-translational modifications of kidney proteins
  3. Identification of existing infrastructure on nano-scale proteomics devices such as 2DE- lab on chip mini-devices and evaluation of their potential application for the analysis of starting material of limited amount, such as the protein extracts from LCM-isolated cells.
Chair: Joost Schanstra co-chair: Guenter Allmaier Group Member Users

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