Working group 3

Standardization of urine proteomics analysis To promote the use of urine as a biomarker discovery tool but also as the body fluid highly suitable for diagnostic/prognostic and disease monitoring tool several aspects of the proteomics analysis have to be improved.  The scientific focus of this WG is method optimization and standardization of protocols for the study of the different types (soluble, exosomal, proteins included in exfoliated cells) of urinary proteins. Specifically, objectives of WG3 include:
  1. Optimization and standardization of protocols for sample collection and storage for the analysis of the urinary soluble, exosomal and cellular proteins. This includes determination of the impact of sample preparation methods as well as of intra-individual and inter-individual variability on protein patterns.
  2. Method optimization for the enrichment of low abundance urinary proteins and their separation and identification.
  3. Optimization of quantification approaches for urinary proteins.
  4. Evaluation of the applicability of multiplex profiling proteomics platforms as routine urinary biomarker validation and/or renal disease detection tools.
Chair: Harald Mischak co-Chair: Bruno Domon Group Member Users

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