One of the tools which we will use to store and present information is the Molecular Methods database (MolMeth).

MolMeth is a structured database that will provide free access to methods used in molecular biology and molecular medicine, and it allows the user to print user-friendly manuals. Each method includes a short description of the method and a list of the required reagents and equipments. The methods also include a detailed step-by-step protocol that the user can download as a pdf, print or view on the screen. Submitted methods and contributions are subject to curation.

One key aspect of the database is that new methods can be created that are combinations of methods already available in MolMeth. Thereby, methods available in the database can be reused in different combinations. In the current version of MolMeth, methods that have been published in scientific journals are cross-linked to PubMed. We also aim to link reagents to the suppliers and to databases with chemical and structural information (e.g. PubChem).

The Molecular Methods Database (MolMeth) is currently being developed to provide the research community with a reliable source of methods and protocols used in molecular biology and molecular medicine. Links for accessing the database will shortly be available from this site.

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