These are a few links that may be of interest to those working in Kidney and Urine Proteomics.

  1. The general kidney proteomics and transcriptomics site.
  2. The database of urinary exosome proteins from LC-MS/MS.
  3. The Human Urine and Kidney Proteome Project (HUKPP)
  4. The EuroKUP / e-LICO collaboration site. This site contains discussion forums to discuss the KUP ontology and what further improvements can be done to the collaboration site.
  5. Systems Biology towards Novel Chronic Kidney Disease Diagnosis and Treatment. SysKid, a large-scale integrating European research project, aims at understanding chronic kidney disease in the context of diabetes and hypertension)
  6. Job Vacancies (EURAXESS).Current job offer in BRFAA for fellow in mass spectrometry (in the context of Marie Curie IAPP; contact: vlahoua@bioacademy,gr)

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