Cyprus 2010

EuroKUP hosts regular Working Group meetings and Training Schools, Workshops and other educational activities. Here you can find images, presentation slides and information regarding past and future EuroKUP events.

A MC/WG meeting took place in Pissouri, Cyprus, November 6-7 2010. Local Host: Prof C Deltas. There was also a training day on November 8, 2010 at U of Cyprus-Limassol. Speakers: Drs M Baumann, Eric-Bongcam-Rudloff, Bruno Domon, Maciej Lalowski. The scientific programs may be found in the attached files. For any questions please contact: Drs C Deltas,, and A Vlahou,

Additional Pissouri meeting presentations and documents may be found in the members area on - please log in!

Training Day-LimassolHotels_0.doc34 KB
Mayer-emergentec-EuroKUP-20101106.pdf888.03 KB
Comparative Evaluation of Tandem MS - H Mischak .pdf3.54 MB
DRUBE_VUR-Presentation cyprus.pdf707.59 KB
Imaging Talk EuroKUP 2010 Suckau .pdf6.94 MB
Kidney Histology George Liapis.pdf5.84 MB
Top-Down MS-MS Validation COST2010 Suckau.pdf6.32 MB
PGRighetti PissouriBW.pdf1.28 MB
EUROKUP_Cyprus_6Nov2010_Denator presentation - Katarina Alenäs .pdf1.54 MB
PissouriprogramAbstarcts2710doc.doc2.1 MB
Qualification EMA_Public Efthymios Manolis.pdf498.03 KB
Scientific reportCyprus-Finalopenaccess.doc37 KB

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