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“Urine and Kidney Proteomics”

Minutes of the 1ST Management Committee Meeting


19 May 2008

Present :

Guenter Allmaier (AT), Corina Mayrhofer (AT), Patrick D'Haese (BE), Sebastien Carpentier (BE), Anja Verhulst (BE), Constantinos Deltas (CY), Pavel Rehulka (CZ), Joergen Frokiaer (DK), Marc Baumann (FI), Momir Polenakovik (MK), Goce Spasovski (MK), Joost Schanstra (FR), Harald Mischak (DE), Hassan Dihazi (DE), Antonia Vlahou (GR), Aristidis Charonis (GR), Harry Holthofer (IE), Ariela Benigni (IT), Michal Dadlez (PL), Marta Sanchez-Carbayo (ES), Alberto Ortiz Arduan (ES), Erik Bongcam-Rudloff (SE), Bruno Domon (CH), Teresa Attwood (UK), Meguid El Nahas (UK).

DC rapporteur: Prof Barbara Cannon

1. Welcome
The Science Officer of COST Action BM0702, Dr. Kalliopi Kostelidou, welcomed the participants.

2. Adoption of the agenda
The draft Agenda of the meeting was approved without changes or additions by the Members of the MC. The Minute reporter was decided to be assigned at the start of each meeting (on a rotating basis). For this meeting, the Science officer was appointed.

3. Presentation of the delegations
Each delegate in the MC of the COST Action BM0702 introduced himself/herself and his/her main research interests related to the COST Action.

4. General information on COST mechanism and on the funding of coordination
Dr. Kostelidou made the general presentation of COST and its main working procedures. The presentations would be sent as PDF files to the MC members following the meeting by Dr. Kostelidou. The MC took note.

Action point Dr Kostelidou to send the presentations to the MC.

5. Status of the COST Action
Dr. Kostelidou presented the status of the COST Action BM0702.
She mentioned that, at the moment, 15 countries have accepted the MoU of the Action. She reminded the MC that until November, 15, 2008 it will be possible for new members to join the Action just by contacting the national COST coordinator, while after that date, new members will need to be approved by the MC. The MC took note.

6. Agreement on the internal rules of procedure for the Management Committee of the COST Action.
The MC approved the internal rules of procedures attached in Annex 1.

7. Election of the Chair, Vice-Chair and WG Chairs
Chair: Antonia Vlahou
Co-Chair: Joergen Frokiaer

Chair: Goce Spasovski
co-Chair: Meguid El Nahas

Chair: Joost Schanstra
co-chair: Guenter Allmaier

Chair: Harald Mischak
co-Chair: Bruno Domon

Chair: Erik Bongcam-Rudloff
co-Chair: Teresa Attwood

Web-site coordinators: Erik Bongcam-Rudloff and Teresa Attwood
STSM Coordinator: Sebastien Carpentier

8. Working plan for the implementation of the COST Action (Memorandum of Understanding):

  1. Reports describing EuroKUP will be prepared to be submitted to Nephron as well as to the EuPA journal (Journal of Proteomics)
  2. WG1: A manuscript on the priorities in the kidney research field (ie important clinical questions) will be prepared.
  3. WG2: Documents describing biopsy processing from the clinician's and proteomics expert's points of view will be prepared.
  4. WG3: Dr Thongboonkird will be contacted so that his questionnaire on urine processing be distributed to all EuroKUP members. In addition Harald Mischak will prepare and distribute a questionnaire to establish the "technical basis" for urine proteomics in Europe.
  5. WG4: A questionnaire to get to know the boinformatics resources that people use, their special needs etc will be prepared by the WG4 leaders and distributed.

Members interested in participating /contributing in specific WGs should contact the Chair and co-Chair of the respective WG.

Action point: Members interested in participating /contributing in specific WGs should contact the Chair and co-Chair of the respective WG (ALL).

Web site - Generation of the EuroKUP Website:

This will be done by the WG4 Chairs. In addition to the general info on EuroKUP (WGs, objectives etc), it will include:
a) A brief CV of participants: A CV template will be distributed within the next few days.
b) Links to interesting papers on study design
c) A  " logo" competition
In addition to the website, a EuroKUP brochure will be prepared.

9. Budget plan
Based on the fact that COST has been promised an increased budget of 210 M Euros under FP7, it is estimated that an average of approximately 90-100K Euros will be available per Action per year. The MC took note.

10. Place and date of next meeting
Please see point 1 under item 11.

11. Long-term planning
Planned meetings for next year:

  1. A general scientific meeting of the members of the Action ("who is doing what") is planned for September 2008. Either early September (after the Siena meeting) or late September. Potential local hosts: Ariela Benigni (Bergamo) or Patrick D’Haese (Brussels).
  2. A second meeting will take place in Athens, Greece (end of March 2009).
  3. Training Schools: One school will take place in October 2008, organized by Marc Baumann, U Helsinki -Finland. The exact topic, dates and relevant info will be distributed soon.
  4. A second school will be organized by Harry Holthofer in Ireland (June 2009). The topic is "podocytes in vitro". There is also another meeting organized in Ireland entitled "International Congress on Advances and Trends in Bioanalytical Sciences" in the end of January 2009 which could also be associated to some EuroKUP activity/meeting.
  5. There will be 2 deadlines for STSM Applications: One in early September and one in January. Applications will become available in the COST website as well as the EuroKUP website. The Evaluation Committee for the applications consists of: Alberto Ortiz Arduan, Marc Baumann, Hassan Dihazi and Sebastien Carpentier.

12. Closing
The meeting closed at 17.45pm.

Dr. Antonia Vlahou

Dr. Kalliopi Kostelidou
Science Officer

Summary of Action points following the 1st MC meeting
Action point1: Dr Kostelidou to send the presentations to the MC.

Action point 2: Members interested in participating /contributing in specific WGs should contact the Chair and co-Chair of the respective WG (ALL).

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