EuroKUP Site Tutorial


Hi and welcome to the EuroKUP Site Tutorial. This article is here to help you to get aquainted with the new EuroKUP homepage.

Log In
Before you can do anything you have to log in. To do this you have to enter your username and password in the fields on the left of the site. You can also use the link on the top right to get to the log in page. Username and Password should have been sent to you in an email from the site's administrators.

When you have logged in you will have more options of what to do.

The EuroKUP site has four distinct areas or blocks.

On the top right of the page, on the blue banner you have the "Primary links". This menu style link list is always present. They link to the public pages such as about and news. They make up the outer information layer.

On the right side (when you have logged in) you have a navigation menu. On the top is your username and below it you have a few links like My account and Create content. This is where, like the name suggests, you navigate through the sites content. From here you can add content and view it as well as change your user information (see Users ->User Profile).

Below the navigation menu you have a list of article topics. These links lead to lists with all the articles created with that topic (this one is under Administrative). You also have a list of upcoming events and a calendar showing the event of the current month.

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