A book is a collection of nodes. A book has a frontpage and the other nodes are ordered in a hierarchial manner. Pages in a book all have links to the former and next page as well to its closest children and/or parent (up). This tutorial is made into a book. You can see the links at the bottom of the page.

How to create (or add to) a book
First you create a frontpage which can be any type of node. In the creation form under "Book outline" you can choose to add the node to an existing book or to create a new one. A new book will automatically have the node as front page and will be named the same as the title of the front node.

You can do the same to existing nodes by editing them in the same manner.

To add a node to an existing book you simply choose an existing book instead of "Create new book" and then choose the closest parent. The node will then be placed in the book under its parent.

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