The content on this site comes in the form of nodes. There are several types used for different types of information.

The simplest, and most common, format is the article. It contains text and is sorted according to subject. Easier to find and all roles of type writer or higher can produce them. Articles can only be read by logged in users.

There is another text type which is for editors only which is called a page. These are meant for information that does not change very often like the about pages or molmeth page. These are open for the public to read.

Images are simply a picture with a title and a short explaining text. These can be attached into pages and articles.

A Poll is a question with given alternatives for the users to vote for. One has to be logged in to vote and everyone can vote once.

Forum topics are used to start conversations in one of the forums.

Editors have two additional types called News and Event. News end up on the top of the front page. Events are placed in the calendar and upcoming events.

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