How to view content

There are several ways to view the sites content.
Below the navigation menu on the right there is a taxonomy list where all articles can be found sorted according to topic. Click on a topic of your choise and you'll see short presentations of every article with that topic.

You can also click on "View content" in the navigation menu. This will present you with a list of the latest updated content of the site ordered by time since the last update.

Below View content you can now, if you clicked on the link, see a list of options (Forums, Recent Posts, Books, Polls, Users).

  • Forums - Here you can access the forums where you can read and post forum posts.
  • Glossary - A list of all content on the site ordered in alphabetical order according to title.
  • Books - A list of all the books. (See Books)
  • Polls - A list of all the polls. (See Polls)
  • Users - A list of all the registered users sorted by username.

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