Who can do what? (Roles)

What you can do on the site is determined by your role. Every user on this site has been given a role.

The lowest rank of users are the anonymous users. They are not registered on the site and can only see public pages. They cannot post in the forums nor can they read articles. Before logging in all users are considered anonymous.

Then there is the reader role or "authorized user". These users can log in and read articles and post in the forums. They can't however post their own articles.

There is also the writer role. A writer can, on top of being able to read everything, post articles and polls and generally contribute more material to the site.

Above the writer there are a few editors. They are the ones who post news, upcoming events as well as being able to edit all the content on the site.

Finally there are a handful administrators. They can do whatever they want with the site. They are responsible for the system behind it as well as user related issues.

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