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All registered users have their own custom profile where they can write about them selves and their achievements, publications, contact information etc. These profiles are open to the public (anonymous users).

Use the navigation menu on your right and click on "My account". On top of the site you'll see your username followed by a few tabs (View, Edit, Track, Contact and File browser).

  • View - This is how your profile is presented to others.
  • Edit - Here you can edit your account information and profile. Do you see the new tabs below the original ones (Account, Profile, Contact Information)? Each of these contain options for your account and profile.
    - Account - Here you can change your username, password, email etc.
    - Profile - This is where you can write about yourself. All fields are optional and empty fields will be excluded from the view. They are all quite self explanatory.
    - Contact Information - Edit your contact information like phone number, email etc. Note that this email is not the one used by the site to contact you. This one is optional whereas the email in account (entered when creating the account) is required and kept secret from the public.
  • Track - is all the content created by you (or the user which profile this is). Everything you have posted from forum topics to articles are tracked from here.
  • Contact - is a contact form for people who wish to contact you (instead of giving them your email address).
  • File browser - This is a file dump area. Here you can upload files into your own private directory or into the '
    "common" directory where all logged in users can access.

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